About Us

The church started meeting in September 2013. Who we are is best summarised in our name: Coopers Edge Baptist Church.

Coopers Edge

We are a group of ordinary people committed to serving the community of Coopers Edge. Coopers Edge is a new housing estate on the south-east side of Gloucester. We believe that the message about Jesus is the best news in the world and we want to share it with the people of our community, through what we say and through how we live.


We are a baptist church which means that we believe that when someone puts their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, He calls them to be baptised by immersion with water. Baptism is a powerful symbol that points to an invisible reality – by going into the water a person is testifying to the fact that they have died to their old self and identify with Jesus in His death; by coming out again they testify to the fact that they have risen to a new life and identify with Jesus in His resurrection.


We are a church which means we’re a family of people who know and love Jesus Christ. We’re not a group of good people who deserve God’s kindness – rather we’re a bunch of messed up individuals who desperately need Jesus to come and fix us!