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Want to know more about Jesus and the Christian faith?

We’d love to hear from you. There are different ways in which we can help you learn more about what we believe life is all about.

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a course of six sessions using a DVD. It stimulates discussion by asking some questions and looks through a book in the Bible called the Gospel of Mark. It’s a very clear and non-threatening introduction to the Christian faith. We can run through the course one-to-one or as a couple or a larger group – whatever would suit. Contact us using to find out more.

Coffee and Chat

Have you got big questions? Belief in God a weird concept in our scientific age? Struggling to understand how a God of love would permit suffering? Isn’t the Bible filled with contradictions and hopelessly outdated?

Few things stimulate a good conversation more than sitting in a comfy chair with a decent mug of coffee in your hand! If you’ve got big questions then why not catch up with a member of the church for a chat in the Community Centre cafe? Contrary to public opinion, the Christian faith is not a blind leap in the dark. God created the mind and He intends for us to use it.

If God, then what?

Andrew Wilson’s short book, “If God, then what?” is a very accessible introduction to the Christian faith. It’s both humorous and profound – it will stretch your thinking but he’s easy to follow. We would love to give you a copy – come and chat with us if you’re interested.